The reggaetonero's new video is hypnotizing!

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 11, 2020

J Balvin's new music video for "Azul" — the latest track from his album, Colores — takes us into an animated blue world. The singer is transformed into an animated avatar, who lives alone with his dog and falls in love with a doll he sees on TV. He then gets a package delivered, and when he opens it, it's the same doll he saw on TV, who comes with a female puppy companion for his furry friend.

They seem to be madly in love until Balvin walks in on his muse being unfaithful with another man in his own house. The song then turns to heartbreak, with the singer alternating between rage and sadness after the breakup — and crying tears of glitter. However, there is a happy ending, with both Balvin and his puppy reuniting with their girlfriends.

Like many artists during the coronavirus quarantine, the Colombian reggaetonero had to rethink production of the video as regular shooting has been halted by the pandemic. This animated one really hits the spot, though, and preserves Balvin's swagger and personality even in cartoon form.

“‘Azul’ is one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve probably ever had,” director Colin Tilley told Billboard. “[Balvin] looked at me on FaceTime with the straightest face and said, ‘I love it.’ It’s one of those ideas that you could either seriously hate or love. And that’s what we strive for: You either will love it or hate it."