The Colombian artist has angered many by accepting an award bestowed upon him by the African Entertainment Awards.

Despite all the many successes J Balvin has achieved throughout his music career, his most recent achievement has many Latinos and Afro-Latinos up in arms.

In what has been deemed an unforgivable move, the "Mi Gente" singer has recently accepted an award from the African Entertainment Awards as the winner under the Afro-Latino Artist of the Year category.

Many have taken to social media to shared their disappointment—noting that as an artist who does not identify as an Afro-Latino, he should not have won under this category.

In a tweet, Nina Vázquez of the Hasta 'Bajo Project details how there were more qualified artists under the category who could have been giving the award.

She began, "JBalvin won an award on Blackness by using Black Caribbean music, dialect, rhythms and wardrobe."

The Latin American M.A. graduate continued, "While actual Black folx who have higher streaming numbers, better lyricism, better everything and who are actually BLACK lost."

The backlash J Balvin was receiving was so widespread that the president of the AEA, Dominic Tamin, released a statement via Instagram explaining their reasoning behind giving the Colombian artist the award.

In it, Tamin said that the category was trying to spotlight artists who have contributed much to the Afro-Latino genre.

Tamin's response to what was going on with J Balvin was also met with discord, as many were stating that the message was a "poor explanation" and asking what exactly the Colombian artist had contributed to the Afro-Latino genre.