La diva, La potra, La caballota is the host of LOUD: The History of Reggaeton and she's sharing all the juicy details behind the musical phenomenon she conquered and opened up to other women.

Ivy Queen paved the way for female reggaeton artists today by being one of the first women whose talent earned her accolades in this male-dominated musical genre. Now, the Queen of Reggaeton is schooling us all on the story behind this powerhouse movement as the host of the new podcast LOUD: The History of Reggaeton.

"It started the way most great movements start—en las calles—in the streets," she narrates in her unique voice on the Spotify trailer video for the podcast, which was co-created by Futuro Studios. "They were Panamanians having fun, but they were also creating a new sound. And that sound would spread like wildfire."

Then, the trailer's cameras focus on the Puerto Rican singer standing in the middle of a school bus turned into a club. "A new generation of kids ready to make something fresh," she says, "something beautiful, something LOUD. You heard?"

La caballota's authentic style and storytelling brings to life the early days of this music scene, including her own experiences in it. In the first episode, "The Zone," released August 4th, she gives listeners a background on how the genre went from Panama, Jamaica and San Juan to the rest of the world.

"Picture this: it's 1995 and I'm about to have the most important audition of my life. An audition to rap with the hottest underground crew in San Juan," she says in the first episode. "It was the moment I was going to decide if I was going to make it into music or go back to my hometown as a nobody."

As the host, Ivy goes on to tell the story of how that audition catapulted her career and gained her the respect of other artists in her genre.  

Credit: Photo by Alberto Tamargo/Getty Images

"You could say that was the day Ivy Queen was born. Finalmente [finally]I was at that place that I knew I belonged all along. It was the beginning of my career that made me La diva, La potra, La caballota, La reina, that made me a household name."

The Latin Billboard Award winner will receive the Vision award at this year's Hispanic Heritage Award. LOUD: The History of Reggaeton is now available on Spotify.