Ivy Queen talks about her plans for the year and shares details about her latest album, coming in April.


Ivy Queen talked to People CHICA about her new world tour and upcoming album Raíz No Rama, to be released in April. The reggaeton singer will be touring the United States and Latin America in 2020 and also has an autobiography and documentary in the works.

“I’m super excited. It’s over 20 cities all over the United States,” she says about the first part of the tour, which will take her to cities like Miami, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. “I will not be flying, I will be going on a tour bus,” she adds. “I will have my little kitchen there to cook up whatever cravings I get and my music studio to record songs. It will be a unique and new experience for me.”


The singer says the recent death of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his teen daughter Gianna has really affected her. “Since I lost my dad three years ago, I’ve realized that you have to make the most of your time,” she reflects. “When this happened with Kobe, it made me so sad because I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, and daughter, and it makes me think of making plans for the future — making contingency plans as if there was a hurricane coming, because this was so unexpected and life can change so suddenly. The next day on social media you saw people telling their loved ones how much they appreciated them. You never know when your last day here will be.”

She is also grateful that her husband will accompany her on her tour. “Xavier and I are all about teamwork. We will be together until the end, knock on wood!” she says. “Our daughter will join us when we are in cities close to her,” she adds about Naiovy, who attends school in Florida, where the family lives.

The Puerto Rican star, 47, says she has found her soulmate in her husband. “Xavier has taught so many things. He is a gentleman. He is not afraid to have a wife who makes decisions and has a strong personality,” she says. “He supports me. We adore one another. I always asked the universe to bring me my Pedro Knight and I believe that Xavi is that kind of man,” she adds, referring to Celia Cruz’s husband, musician Pedro Knight, who was faithfully by her side until her death.

Ivy says the unexpected news of Bryant’s death coincided with the release of her new single “Un Baile Más,” a song that makes you ask yourself, “If you were about to take your last breath on Earth, who would you want to dance your last dance with?” She knows the answer to that question! “I would dance it with Naiovy and Xavi. My daughter has been the biggest gift of my life, the greatest love.”

The reggaeton pioneer also opened up about her new album Raíz No Rama. “It will be a musical book,” she says, noting that the songs will feel like chapters, with each telling a unique story. “I have a mega album that people will be able to identify with. I composed the songs with male songwriters because I wanted to explore the minds of men, to know how they think about love. I was the pilot and I had these great copilots. They showed me there are still good men out there!”


2020 will be a busy year for the Queen, who also plans two other big releases. “A documentary about my life is in the works,” she reveals. “Many people have approached me about making a movie about my life and I think I’m the best person to tell my story. We are working on a documentary and on a book.”

The record will also include great collaborations, but she is keeping her lips sealed until the release. She also wants to record with flamenco star Rosalía. “We write each other messages on Instagram and she shows me her nails,” says Ivy. “She is spectacular. She was raised listening to music by Lola Flores, to music with quality content, and that’s what she reflects. I also grew up listening to Celia Cruz, to La Lupe, and I see that Rosalía has her own flow and identity and I can relate to that.” When will we hear the two divas sing together? “We are waiting for fate to bring us together. We have a great communication and admiration for one another. The universe will conspire and bring us together at the right time.”