The Puerto Rican reggaetonera explains the imagery in her new video and shares what happened when she met Karol and Anuel in August.

In her new music video "Next," Ivy Queen uses the shark as a symbol of female empowerment. "When the shark gets to the beach, everyone knows you have to run because the boss arrived," the Puerto Rican reggaetonera tells People CHICA. "In this case, it's the female boss, the mommy shark."

The hypnotizing music video by Mastermind Entertainment was filmed at Dolphin Studios in Miami, where the crew recreated an aquarium on the set. Ivy Queen says she and her crew all got tested for COVID-19 prior to the shoot and that they followed all the safety protocols, wearing masks and practicing social distancing while filming. "I'm grateful to be healthy, to be alive," adds the singer, who as Pisces has always identified with water. "I've had to swim with high waves, in so many oceans. A shark represents strength, leadership."

The lyrics of "Next" tell women that there is nothing wrong with starting a healthy new relationship after leaving a toxic one. "When men go from one relationship to another and say 'next' nobody judges them, but when a woman says 'next' she is judged and pointed at," the Queen says. "Women should feel free to say 'next' to a new relationship or to starting a new life on our own."

Ivy Queen

In the music video, Ivy wears a glamorous gray suit with a hat resembling a shark fin created by designer and stylist Joy Rolón. "Naiovy loves the hat," she jokes about her six-year-old daughter, who is a fan of the "Baby Shark" children's song.

The singer says she is proud of her new album but isn't ready to announce a release date. Would she consider recording new music with Karol G or Anuel AA? "Yes, if the opportunity presents itself, why not?" she says. She met with the couple at Premios Juventud in August and says she made peace with both.

Last year, the trio made waves on social media after Anuel AA proposed that his fiancée Karol G was the new queen of reggaeton and challenged Ivy Queen's throne. He wrote on Instagram, "How are you going to say that a woman who hasn't had a hit song in 7 years is the queen of reggaeton? The numbers don't lie." Even though he didn't mention Ivy Queen's name, her fans and the reggaeton diva herself were furious. She responded to Anuel AA in the comments section of the post: "Do I have to remind you where I come from? Culicagao @anuel_2blea. You don't want to cross the Queen!"

After meeting the couple for the first time in person at Premios Juventud, Ivy says she accepted Anuel AA's sincere apology and agreed to meet them later in Miami. "We were all happy to be able to talk alone, without being judged. Karol told me how my songs have impacted her. She said, 'I'm your fan,'" Ivy recalls. "Anuel is super nice. He's a cool guy."

Ivy Queen
Credit: Courtesy of Ivy Queen

Ivy says she went to their studio and listened to Karol G and Anuel's new songs, had lunch with them, and put an end to their past controversy. "Congratulating Karol, hugging her, and accepting Anuel's apology was a lesson in empathy," she says.