Singer Ivy Queen wrote a lovely message about her 6-year-old daughter, Naiovy.

Ivy Queen admits that becoming a mom totally rocked her world. After giving birth to her daughter in 2013, the reggaeton singer‘s number-one priority is Naiovy. The Puerto Rican star recently shared an Instagram photo of her little princess holding the singer's bag as a proud Ivy looks at her in awe. “I live to impress just one person,” her message reads. “And there is only one person in the world that I would crawl for, and that person would never allow me to crawl. When impressing someone with actions and your own example is a massive gesture of love, that never goes unnoticed.”

The “Yo Quiero Bailar” singer also shared a profound reflection on the true meaning of love and happiness. A cryptic message for some of her urban music colleagues, perhaps?


“Many, in order to impress others, seem to look for happiness inside a dumpster,” she wrote. “Learn to love the right way while you still have time. That's not something you learn on social media by telling someone how cute he is. It's something you learn in life by opening doors, forgiving, listening, telling someone everything will be alright, hugging, praying for another person's well being. Here is the only person I feel an urge to impress: my beloved Naiovy Kháli Star. I put myself second for her any time without giving it a thought. She is my fuel.”


She also shared a loving message for her husband, Xavier Sánchez. “For you, Xavier Sánchez, you have given your all for us both. Thanks for the understanding, for being there, for the protection and love. Thanks Xavy, you are a great man. We love you Sensei.”