Puerto Rican reggaeton icon Ivy Queen remembered how she made a living before she became famous.

Por Lena Hansen
Mayo 04, 2020

Ivy Queen is proud of her humble origins. The Puerto Rican reggaeton icon shared a post on Instagram recalling how she earned a living before fame. She shared a photo of herself all glammed up — in full makeup and hair and stunning Yves Saint Laurent boots — sitting on her toilet with cleaning spray in her hand. "Did you know that I cleaned bathrooms and other people's houses to earn the money to eat and survive while I was starting out in underground music?" she wrote. She also reflected that "the tallest oak trees grow even when the wind is blowing against them."

The urban music pioneer added another deep reflection in her post, directed to haters. "In order to criticize to someone's face you must be brave and in order NOT to criticize, you must be happy. Learn to offend without insults, offend with the truth, it's more dignified and intelligent."

Ivy Queen
Credit: (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Ivy Queen talked to People CHICA about her upcoming album Raíz No Rama. “It will be a musical book,” she said, noting that the songs will feel like chapters, with each telling a unique story. “I have a mega album that people will be able to identify with. I composed the songs with male songwriters because I wanted to explore the minds of men, to know how they think about love. I was the pilot and I had these great copilots. They showed me there are still good men out there!”

She also recently released the anthem "Antídoto," meant to motivate her fans during the coronavirus pandemic. "I've had to be a social worker my whole life!" she jokes about her mission to uplift her followers with her music and inspiring life story. The release date of her new album has not been announced yet, but she assured that it's a gem. "I'm so happy with it, every time I listen to it I get emotional," she said. "The album is done and there are some spectacular collabs, but we must wait for the right time."