Ivy Queen reacted to Trap singer Anuel AA questioning her crown as the Queen of Reggaetón. This is her epic response to Karol G's boyfriend.

When someone threatens Ivy Queen's turf, the Puerto Rican singer does not stay quiet! Martha Ivelisse Pesante Rodríguez — popularly known as Ivy Queen, La Reina, La Potra, La Diva, La Caballota — reacted to Trap singer Anuel AA's comment questioning her crown as the queen of reggaetón. Starting some beef or tiraera, Karol G's boyfriend commented on Instagram: “How are you going to say that a woman who hasn't had a hit song in 7 years is the queen of reggaeton? The numbers don't lie.” Even though he didn't mention Ivy Queen's name, her fans and the reggaetón diva herself got furious.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

The “Yo quiero bailar” singer responded to Anuel AA in the Instagram post: “Do I have to remind you where I come from? Culicagao @anuel_2blea. You don't want to cross the Queen!” In case you are lost in translation, by calling him a culicagao, Ivy Queen —seen by many as “the founding mother” of reggaetón, along with popular exponents of the genre like Daddy Yankee and Don Omar— is telling the “Secreto” singer he is still in diapers and should respect his elders!

Ivy Queen

Anuel AA took her message to heart and responded to Ivy Queen again on Instagram, pleading for peace: “Now don't misinterpret what I said and star a controversy like always where there isn't one! My opinion is my opinion and yours is yours and you have to respect mine as I respect yours! And remember I'm not about negativity. I've told you many times!”

Ivy Queen shot her bazooka via Twitter: “I built [my career] on the basis of sacrifices and strong foundations to make a bridge that other women walk on today. Always advocating for female unity and supporting new talent. I'm shocked by this lack of respect. Total indignation!”


Ivy Queen —who was chosen by People en Español as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women 2019 of 2019— told the magazine about reinventing herself and staying on top of the game with the rise of new Latin female urban stars like Cardi B, Natti Natasha and Becky G: “When a woman is original she can't be imitated by anyone. There has been a rise in female voices and the presence of Latin stars, which is good because what fun is there in going to an ice cream parlor and finding only one flavor? That would be unfair. [Variety] is good because when you have other flavors of ice cream you know which one is the one you really like, the one that fulfills you”.

Ivy Queen

Cardi B herself hailed to the queen, saying Ivy Queen was a total inspiration. When they met last June, the “Bodak Yellow” star wrote on Instagram: “This is my queen for real. An idol for me @ivyqueendiva. Her music was one of the first reggaeton songs I ever listened to.” Reggaeton fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting a collab. Okurrrrr!