Ivy Queen, Olga Tañón and other Puerto Rican female stars join the #RickyResign fight to get governor Ricardo Rosselló to leave his post.

Por Lena Hansen
Julio 23, 2019

Female Puerto Rican stars like reggaeton diva Ivy Queen and merengue's “Woman of Fire” Olga Tañón have joined the #RickyResign fight to get governor Ricardo Rosselló to leave his post in the midst of political turmoil. Like other famous boricuas Ricky Martin and Bad Bunny, Tañón joined protesters in the streets of San Juan. Tañón shared photos on Instagram from the massive march with Martin and other Puerto Rican stars like singers Ednita Nazario and Kany García and actress Karla Monroig.

“United always and for our homeland,” the “Es Mentiroso” singer captioned a photo with the other powerful women joining the street protest, which is believed to have included over a million people.

Tañón also shared a message on Instagram expressing her outrage over the political situation in La Isla del Encanto. “Our people can't resist one more blow,” she wrote. “This administration, without a doubt, has ended up seriously damaging the dignity of Puerto Ricans, it has greatly failed its word. Our people put their faith in them by voting for them and gave them the opportunity to carry out their responsibilities, but the government not only failed in doing that, it also mocked the pain, the desperation, and the vulnerability of our homeland, in one of its most fragile times in our history.”

Ivy Queen also made her roar heard on social media. The reggaeton star posted a message on Instagram expressing her discontent.

“A pueblo who cried its dead and said goodbye to many of its living propelled by uncertainty. Today they have been adopted around the world and called: The diaspora. A pueblo that put its heart on the table to continue no matter what it took. Time has taught me that there is a reason for everything. [Hurricane] María prepared Puerto Rico to be the pueblo that has gone to the streets these past days. It's cry for help not only comes from its core, it also comes from the heart and from the suffering that the entire island witnessed after the hurricane. We were all witnesses of it, including us from the diaspora who [from exile] mobilized crowds, collected essential donations, filled with desperation to be a light to so many of our family members [there],” Ivy Queen wrote.

The urban music icon added in her post, “It is a giant march and the people have spoken. Ricky obey, House of Representatives and Senate, obey our pueblo, who are fighting for the rights of our own, for our family, for the future of our kids. May the House of Representatives and the Senate do a truly heroic and patriotic act, without partisan interests. May the impeachment process begin. [Rosselló] no longer has any interest in the people of Puerto Rico. Enough!”