International organizations and countries are condemning the country's violent response.
Iran Protests
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Iranian protesters are experiencing backlash from the government as a court in Tehran has issued the first death sentence linked to recent protests for women's rights.

According to state media reports, the unnamed individual was sentenced to death under the conviction of "enmity against God" and "spreading corruption on Earth."

Reports from IRNA news agency added that Iran's Revolutionary Court issued the sentence after the protester allegedly set fire to a government building and their charges included "disturbing public order and peace, community, and colluding to commit a crime against national security, war and corruption on Earth, war through arson, and intentional destruction."

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Five other protesters also received sentences of five to 10 years in prison under the pretense of "collusion to commit a crime against national security and disturbance of public peace and order."

Since September, Iranians have taken to the streets in nationwide demonstrations as a result of the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iranian police for wearing her hijab (or headscarf) wrong.

Millions have joined demonstrators worldwide in solidarity with the cause, asking the Iranian government to lift restrictions on women's rights.

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Authorities in Iran have cracked down on protesters, charging at least 1,000 people in Tehran for their involvement, with security and police killing at least 326 people, including 43 children and 25 women, stated the Norway-based Iran Human Rights NGO (IHRNGO).

The United Kingdom and other international partners announced that they have coordinated sanctions on Iranian officials leading the violent protests, reports the BBC.

"Together with our partners, we have sent a clear message to the Iranian regime—the violent crackdown on protests must stop and freedom of expression must be respected," said British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly. "The Iranian people could not be clearer. It's time for the regime to stop blaming external actors and start listening to the voices of their people."

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