The Bonaire-born artist is releasing his new single in two weeks.

Por Alma Sacasa
Julio 31, 2020
Credit: Imagine It Media

If you've been on TikTok recently, then you've likely heard "Dream Girl" — one of the many songs that's become popular after soundtracking users' dance videos. The real dream girl, though, is the girlfriend of Bonaire-born artist Ir Sais. "I was working on my album and I was with my girlfriend," he tells People CHICA. "I told her, 'Mami, I'm going to do this song for you.' I did the beat, I did everything, and my girlfriend is in the original video as well."

Sais also worked with Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro for last year's remix. Though the original song was released two years ago, it has been a huge success on TikTok during the coronavirus quarantine. "I can't describe how I feel ⁠— I have gotten to a high point of happiness that has overpassed my emotions," he says about the song becoming the number-one track on the popular app. "I have so much happiness in my heart and I feel very blessed. Where I come from, it's very hard to reach this happiness and success. This year is the first time a song comes out in my language, [Papiamento], which only three countries speak."

He hopes to one day work with artists like Romeo Santos and Drake, but he recently filmed his upcoming video in Italy with famous DJ Gianluca Vacchi. "Gianluca is a great man and teacher — I hadn't met him yet, but I felt a connection," he says. "He is a person that can teach you a lot. He gave my music respect and he motivated me with his confidence ... and he gave me that inspiration to dance more, which I didn't like to do before."

Growing up with a Dominican mom in Bonaire, a Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela, has influenced his career. "I grew up with my Dominican mother, so I have that Dominican seasoning mixed with Bonaire," he says. "That seasoning and inspiration is where it comes from, and I can't explain how happy and grateful I am to share this."

Sais says the blue sky inspires him to create music, and he eventually hopes to create a genre that's solely his own. "Ir Paso is the goal I want to accomplish," he says. "That I become the creator of a genre that has everyone talking, collaborates with everyone — a global genre that connects us."

Watch "Dream Girl" below.