Whether you're flying solo or having sex with a partner, these tips will help you reach climax and close the orgasm gap.
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Did you know that on average only 64% of women have orgasms during sex? According to Pleasure Better, studies show that statistically only 18.4% of women orgasm with intercourse alone.

An average of 81.6% of women don't climax in comparison with 95% of heterosexual men—with 59% of women faking orgasms during partnered sex.

August 8 is International Female Orgasm Day, and several nations have united to raise awareness about female pleasure and how to close the orgasm gap between women and men.

The commemoration began in Brazil after a study conducted by the Federal University of Piauí found that 28% of women from the region were unable to climax.

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In 2006, the date was established as law, and conferences around Brazil began to promote women's right to orgasm, sexual health and sexual education. This initiative inspired other countries like Spain, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and Norway to raise awareness as well.

To celebrate the occasion and join the cause, we're giving all our Chicas five tips to help them reach climax every time.

Get Comfortable With Your Body

Take time to discover your body, get comfortable touching and looking at yourself. The body has several erogenous zones that can help you get turned on including the nape of the neck, feet, earlobes, behind the knee and the nipples. Finding the areas of your body that feel good to you is pivotal for pleasurable sex.

Get Acquainted With Your Clitoris

Not all vulvas are the same and this goes for the clitoris, too. The clitoris was created specifically for sexual pleasure, so getting to know this spongy tissue that's part of your vulva is important for orgasms.

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Get a mirror and take a look at your vulva so you can get comfortable with knowing where everything is.

You can also take turns rubbing your two fingers in the shape of a "V" to stimulate the area around it and have a greater range of arousal. Notice how the tip of your clitoris gets harder as you become aroused as well as other areas of your body such as your nipples.

Breathing is Key

Despite what you've seen in porn, heavy breathing is not your ally when it comes to reaching orgasm. However, taking a few deep breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) can help relax the body and open you up for pleasure.

Try to let go of worries and external pleasures when you're masturbating or with partners, instead, place your focus on your body and how you feel when you're being stimulated.

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Go Shopping for Sex Toys, Lube and Other Goodies

Start associating sex and pleasure with fun! Take yourself out on a shopping date (can be online or in-store) for some sex toys, lube, lingerie and anything else that makes you feel sexy.

Try clitoral stimulation with vibrators and ease discomfort during intercourse with water-based lubes.

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Communicate With Your Partner

Communicating with your partner during sex is essential to reaching climax. This is not fake it 'til you make it—it's let's talk about how you like it.

If you're worried about your partner getting impatient or feel shame about asking, start by having a conversation about sex outside of the bedroom.

It is very likely that your partner will enjoy giving you pleasure and ensuring you're having a great time in bed as well.