By Hello Giggles
May 09, 2017 03:13 PM

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If you’re fed up with having all the storage on your smartphone filled up with pictures to share online then this news will make you *very* happy! You can now upload pictures to Instagram via their web app!

Over the past few months, Instagram has updated itself to add even more features to the app. Many of these, people have speculated, are an attempt to mirror the success of Snapchat, such as their location-based stickers, but there have been some that have come about to make the platform a safer environment. In March, the photo sharing social media company announced that they were going to focus on helping users avoid sensitive content from their feeds, and in April it was revealed that users would be able to browse pics while “offline.”

Well, Instagram’s latest update might have just changed the game once again.

In a low key move, the social media giant has changed it’s web based app on mobile devices, meaning you can now upload pictures straight from the web.

As The Verge notes in a report, the features are pretty limited, and in fact it seems that photo editing is pretty much non-existent (you can rotate the pics and change the type of crop). Essentially what this means, however, is that you can now have an Instagram account without actually having to have the app!

The web based app previously only allowed users to see their own notifications, and for users to scroll through their feed. Now that’s all changed.

While this might not seem that significant, it could be a sign that Instagram is planning to move away from being a solely app based product, meaning that users might soon be able to upload pictures and content from web browsers on actual computers. Tbh, that would *totally* change the game (especially if you work in digital marketing or social media management).

In a statement given to, the social media company confirmed the change, noting, (accessed from mobile) is a web experience optimized for mobile phones. It’s designed to help people have a fuller experience on Instagram no matter what device or network they are on.”

Of course, using apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be seriosuly draining on your cellphone’s battery, so it’s kinda rad to know that you can share that essential picture even if you’re running low on juice. It’s also been pointed out by Engadget that the move will help users in countries where mobile internet connections are slower to share content.

We think this new move is pretty awesome, especially if it gives people further access to Instagram and the ability to share their own stories!