All profits made from the capsule collection will be donated to support social justice initiatives for immigrant working-class communities in New York City.

As soccer fans everywhere prepare for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Buchanan's Scotch Whisky and Los Angeles-based brand Kids of Immigrants are coming together for a merch drop that gives back to the community.

The exclusive launch is a fútbol-inspired capsule that embodies the spirit of the 200% (100% Latino and 100% American), as Honduran and Libyan first-generation designers collaborated in creating limited-edition jerseys featuring long sleeves, soccer shorts and a scarf that come in four different colors to represent Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil.

"This moment in fútbol brings people together from all corners of the world, no matter where you are from or what team you rep, and the slogan 'we are all cut from different fabrics but together we make a whole,' has been the driving message behind this partnership with Buchanan's," Kids of Immigrants' Debbie Gonzales shared in a statement.

Credit: Courtesy of Buchanan's Scotch Whisky

The collection, which launched on November 15, is giving away 100% of its profits to Make The Road, an organization that is dedicated to championing social justice for working-class and immigrant communities in New York City.

"For Kids of Immigrants our biggest inspiration is always our commUNITY—from the design to the role models we selected, to the intention behind working with our long-time partners Make the Road NY—we wanted to use this moment to continue to inspire, empower and unify," says Daniel Buezo, co-founder of Kids of Immigrants. 

Buchannan Whiskey
Credit: Courtesy of Buchanan's Scotch Whisky

Kids of Immigrants was founded by Buezo and Weleh Dennis as a way of expressing their passion for creating, empowering and loving.

Both are first-generation Americans who established their company based on the premise that "WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS."

The full collection is now available on