The singer talks to People CHICA about the new song and the coronavirus pandemic in Puerto Rico.


Having iLe and Natalia Lafourcade together on one track is pure magic. The Puerto Rican singer talked to People CHICA about her fabulous new music video "En Cantos," released on Thursday. "It happened naturally," iLe says about the collaboration. "I feel so fortunate that she agreed and brought her energy to the track. I feel so happy with the result and the friendship that was born from this. It was a beautiful experience."

iLe says she always admired Lafourcade's work and says they share the same love for traditional music and bringing an old-fashioned touch to modern songs. "I identify with that side of her, of rescuing that traditional sound that I'm also passionate about that comes from older generations. I don't think we should forget about that sound, but transform it and recognize its value," says the singer, who grew up listening to salsa and bolerosHer playlist today includes those songs as well as Afr0-Caribbean beats, jazz, and rock, depending on her mood.

Ile and Natalia Lafourcade
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She is also making new tracks of her own. "I've been letting go, expressing my feelings," says iLe, who is working on her third album while in quarantine. "Some days are better than others, but I feel grateful to have music to help me heal."

The sister of René Pérez Joglar (better known as Residente) and Eduardo José Cabra Martínez (aka Visitante) says she feels fortunate to have grown up with these talented musicians. "They are my brothers, we are always connected," she says. "I love coming from such a beautiful family. We are all different in many ways, but at the same time we feel such a deep love and admiration for one another. I value that a lot — I feel very fortunate to have a family where love is our base."

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Being part of the success of the urban music group Calle 13 before launching her solo career was a blessing. "I learned a lot. It was something very unexpected for us as a family," she says. "We never thought it would grow so much. We all lived that experience to the fullest. I enjoyed it a lot at that time of my life, when I was transitioning from a teen to an adult. I got to travel the world doing what I love."

Rene Perez y Eduardo Cabra
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"Even though I'm used to being home because when I write songs and make music I'm usually working from home, it's strange to have to be distanced from family and people you are close to," she says of her time in isolation in Puerto Rico due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "What's most important is that we are healthy."

She spoke out against the way the administration of Governor Wanda Vázquez is handling this crisis. "The least we expect from our government is solidarity and empathy, but in our case in Puerto Rico, unfortunately we don't feel that. We are getting through this any way we can like the rest of the world," she says. "There is a lot of uncertainty. We feel the government has managed the situation poorly. We don't expect them to be perfect and anyone could make mistakes, but the way they are handling things feels distant, cold. We don't feel solidarity with the situation people are facing."

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Watch the video for "En Cantos" below.