The Puerto Rican star talked to People Chica about her new music video with The Queen of Reggaeton, Algo bonito, which highlights feminine beauty and liberation.

Ile continues to reap success in her solo career and after an unforgettable collaboration with Natalia Lafucarde, the singer-songwriter is surprising everyone with an explosive music video with The Queen of Reggaeton, Ivy Queen, that celebrates beauty and female liberation for Women's History Month.

In an exclusive interview with People Chica, the Puerto Rican star, 33, revealed how the idea for this song and the concept for the clip came about.

She also emphasized why the iconic urban singer, who she met during the making of the video directed by Claudia Calderón, serves as a great inspiration for women all over the world.

iLe and Ivy Queen
Credit: Jose DeVillegas

"It was my brother Gabriel who suggested if I wanted to do something with Ivy, and it was a surprise because I wasn't expecting it. But then suddenly it made sense to me," she said.

She added, "I felt like it needed it to be a very feminine and powerful song and also very honest and Ivy was the perfect person to collaborate with because of her energy, voice, and presence."

Regarding the song's message, the sister of René Pérez (better known as Residente) and Eduardo José Cabra Martínez (aka Visitante) said that it was born from her frustration with women's struggle for respect as it pertains to their rights and how she understands that some people want to downplay this reality.

Ile continues with her tour—whose next stop will be on March 8, she will be in Chicago.

After that, she'll be making a stop in Los Angeles on March 11, San Francisco on March 13, and ending in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on March 23.

Watch the full interview in the video posted at the top of this article!