Por Hello Giggles
Febrero 10, 2017
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty

We love Ikea for a myriad reasons (hello, Swedish minimalism), and now we have one more, thanks to their latest venture, an Ikea quilted jacket.

The furniture and home decor retailer have just introduced their own versionof what can only be described as a high fashion Snuggie. The IKEA PS 2017 is described as a throw with a zipper, and it looks like the coziest thing we've seen in a long, long time. Made in royal blue, quilted fabric with a turquoise lining, the jacket finds the perfect balance between cozy blanket and functional outerwear. No more grumbling about how cold it is to take a trip to the bathroom, now you can simply bring your blanket, aka this jacket, with you.

Ikea PS 2017 Throw Jacket, $35, Ikea

And better yet, when you're not wearing your jacket to keep toasty, you can use it as a storage bag. How's that for functional?! Yes, this genius design is a triple threat. It's a quilt, a coat, and also zips up into a bag. We love Ikea and we can't wait to go to the home decor haven to snag as many of these as we can get our hands on. And of course, we're crossing our fingers that this is the beginning of a very fashionable line of wearable Ikea pieces.