This #TikTokTuesday we’re literally diving into the icy trend and evaluating the pros and cons.
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Why Are TikTokers Dunking Their Faces in Ice Water?
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It seems like almost every week, there's a new skin care trend going viral for loads of purported benefits.

If we've learned anything from following and chatting with dermatologists, it's that there are very few products or treatments that can do it all—there's no one miracle cure for all skin care woes.

One of the latest skin care hacks making the rounds is ice water baths, which TikTok users claim have helped them with everything from hangover relief to anxiety to acne.

While we can't speak for the technique's effect on mental health or how it helps after a night out, we do know that ice can be beneficial for skin care, as long as you know what to expect.

facial icing, skin care
Here's how ice can fit into your skin care routine.
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Skin icing is far from new. 

For centuries, people have used ice cubes to decrease puffiness and reduce the appearance of under-eye circles.

There's actual science to this—when you touch something cold to your skin, blood rises to the surface and causes your skin to tighten.

In fact, you've probably seen this happen after being in the cold or after icing an injury.

However, these results are temporary and, unlike TikTokers' claims, icing does little to stop acne or oiliness, although it will calm irritation from breakouts.

Looking to reap the actual benefits of icing? The good news is that you don't need to physically dunk your face in ice water. Instead, use a singular ice cube or a chilled jade or metal roller.

It's important to note that icing, also known as cryotherapy, can do more harm than good if done improperly.

Make sure to move quickly and not leave ice on your skin for a prolonged period of time to avoid burns and only use once a day.