Ice Cube
Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Warner Bros.

After-school fights amongst students are infamous, but what if two professors decided to fight each other at the end of the day? That's exactly what happens in Ice Cube‘s newest film Fist Fight, where he plays a tough teacher named Mr. Strickland who challenges a goody two-shoes teacher named Mr. Campbell, played by Charlie Day.

With the movie in theaters now, Ice Cube spoke with Chica about his character, the tough-love approach, and working with Tracy Morgan who has finally returned to the silver screen after his car accident in 2014.

Tell us more about the film Fist Fight.

It's a fighting movie about two teachers who decide to have a fight after school. One teacher played by Charlie Day is the pretty timid, be your friend teacher. Character named Mr. Strickland, that I play, is a real disciplinarian, really all about tough love and these two teachers clash and at 3 o'clock, they're going to fight.

Are there actual fight scenes in the movie?

Epic fight scenes! You couldn't call a movie Fist Fight and not have a great fight scene.

What sparked your interest in joining this cast?

Working with Charlie Day. I felt that if me and him did a film together, it would be funny and good.

How was it working with Tracy Morgan for his return to acting?

It was great because somebody who's been through an accident like that, you'd think that it would change them but he's the same guy I remember. It was a blessing that we got Tracy back.

You play a tough and feared teacher in the movie; do you think that approach is the most effective?

I think so. I think teachers that gain the kids respect from day one are usually more effective than teachers who have fuzzy boundaries, where you don't really know what you can get away with or not. I think that's just a recipe for disaster.

Should it be the same for parenting?

Yeah! I think you should be fine but fair as a parent. You should definitely let your kids know your boundaries. I definitely believe you should be pretty fine.

What did you tell your kids growing up about fighting?

Don't start anything but don't be afraid to hand it. I got to be real. Sometime you can't avoid a fight but whenever you can avoid it, avoid it. If you can't, you got to do your best to win it. It's just the harsh reality of life.

Be sure to catch Fist Fight, out in theaters now!