The Hulu film takes place 300 years before the first Predator film and is set in the Comanche Nation.

Seeing "yourself" on screen can be a bit of a life-changing experience. It's been long-known that proper representation, one that humanizes a people, can oftentimes bring about tremendous change.

With her latest project Prey, a 300-year predecessor to the famous 1987 film Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Amber Midthunder is breathing life into the ever-so-fierce warrior Naru.

On what it means to have indigenous people brought forth in such a bold way, Midthunder, a member of the Fort Peck Sioux Tribe, notes, "I think that any time that you have indigenous characters or have indigenous representation or story, it's extremely important to get that correct and to be respectful and to be honest about the way that you're making that story and those characters."

Poster for Hulu's "PREY"
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

The Roswell, New Mexico star continues, "And something that we so rarely get to see is, especially in a period piece, [is] a multitude of native characters [that] have different qualities in their personalities and social dynamics and stuff like that. You know, you so rarely get to see indigenous people be humanized in a period piece or just at all."

The film follows Midthunder's Naru as she forges a new path for herself within her tribe—something that comes at a high personal cost for her.

But Midthunder notes that working on a film like Prey, one tied to a franchise with an incredible legacy, was initially something she couldn't fully wrap her mind around initially.

She explains, "I think at the time of filming, we were so honestly secluded and the fact that when this movie came to me, I did not know that it was a Predator movie. I really was able to just think of it in terms of like each scene every day and what the journey of Naru was like."

"So that whole, you know, Predator sphere is not really something that I feel like I was hugely able to wrap my head around until now—until seeing it and talking to people and hearing them relate it to the other ones and that. So that's kind of a new element to me, even though this [has] obviously always been the Predator film," Midthunder asserts.

Prey premieres on Hulu on August 5, 2022.

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