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Marzo 12, 2017

Attention cheeseheads, this one's for you! We've found out that apparently these are the healthiest cheeses, so stock up.

Who doesn't love cheese? It's perfect for a night out, or paired with wine and a Bachelor viewing party. You can eat it on a cracker, or with grapes. Let's be honest, you can eat cheese all day, any day, if someone would let you.

That being said, cheese isn't always the healthiest food option. The good news is that when you eat this tasty food, you get calcium, which of course you need. The bad news is that a lot of cheeses have high levels of saturated fats and calories.

Even though this sounds like a bad thing, we've discovered the best types of cheese when it comes to nutrition. That doesn't mean you should eat any of these in excess…even if you want to.

According to Sara Haas, a registered dietitian nutritionist, when in doubt, opt for soft cheeses over hard cheeses. In an interview with USA Today, Haas revealed that the softer dairy delight has healthy amounts of fat.


This tasty, crumbly treat is often found in Mediterranean dishes and only has 75 calories per ounce.

“Feta gives you a lot of bang for your buck,” Samantha Lynch, MS, RD, CDN, told Fitness magazine.

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According to Haas, goat cheese is another lower calorie choice. It also has 75 calories per ounce. What makes it stand out is that you get more protein (5.3 grams) than in the same amount of feta.

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Some people love this one, while others hate it. Either way, it's a healthier choice. Even though this stinky cheese has 100 calories per ounce and a high fat content (8.2 grams), it gives you a lot of protein (6.1 grams). Maybe just opt for the crumbles and not a whole cube of this guy.

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Sharp Cheddar

Cheddar is definitely better! This orange food is a classic when it comes to cheeseburgers, dips, and of course, a good cracker tray. It has a high calorie count (at 110 per ounce), but gives you 7 grams of protein.

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Fresh Mozzarella

Yaaas, we are so happy this made the list. This just means more Caprese salads all the time! It has only 70 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fat per ounce. Oh, and it helps make one mean Margherita pizza.

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This cheese is probably the most versatile, and one you eat a LOT. In fact, you can, and should be, using it more. Instead of using butter and salt on popcorn, Lynch recommends using a grated version of this product. Sounds tasty, right?

It may be high in calories — at least on the cheese spectrum — at 111 calories per ounce, but it does give you 10 grams of protein, which is HUGE.

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Which cheese is your favorite? Which one will you be eating this weekend?