Get ready to explore all the feels and tune in to your intuitive powers.

There's no questioning why the song "Harvest Moon" brings our feelings to the core, after all, the full moon that takes place closest to the autumnal equinox falls in one of the most emotional and whimsical water signs of the zodiac—Pisces.

On September 8, smack in the middle of Virgo season, we have the full moon in Pisces ready to reflect on the joys, twists and turns of the summer as we get ready to enter a whole new season.

To help you navigate through this spiritual and introspective moon, here are three tips that will help you awaken your senses, let go of the old and welcome the new.

Harvest Moon
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Make Time for Deep Reflection

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces carries a heavy amount of karma and energy. Opposite to Virgo in this lunation, it is inviting us to reflect upon who we want to become and how we want the future to pan out.

With the full moon also happening at the same time Mercury and five other planets are retrograde, introspection is the order from the cosmos.

Prepare a Ritual Bath

Baths are great for channeling full moon energy, but especially great if the sign the moon is aligning with is a water element, such as Pisces.

Fill your bath with flowers, oils and elements that help you connect with your creative and spiritual side.

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Let Emotions Flow

Emotions might arise during this full moon that you were not expecting, however, this is the time to let them go and flow.

Allow yourself space to journal, meditate and feel what you must. Let yourself be authentic and see where your emotions can take you during this lunar event.