Check out these tips from celebrity curl specialist Christin Brown before booking your hair appointment so that you can come out looking like a reina.
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Beauty can indeed be found within, but it is also not a secret that choosing the right hairstyle can be crucial and make a big difference in how beautiful you feel.

People Chica talked to celebrity curl specialist Christin Brown on how to boost their curly hair volume and make styling easier and dishes how curly-haired folks can better take care of their hair during the spring and summertime.

Brown, originally from Oakland, California, and has almost 15 years of experience as an educator, recommended the following three haircuts.

So whether you are going for a formal or casual look, look at these ideas before your next appointment at your hair salon. 

Big Chop
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The Big Chop

If you have finished your transition process to natural hair or are not scared of drastic changes, this option is perfect for you. 

"This is the cut where the person is just ready to live their best-liberated life and celebrate that new beginning. To this day, one of my favorite cuts to experience with a client," Brown asserts.

Curly Mullet
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The Curly Shag and Curly Mullet

These two options can be a great fit if you have a fun and bold personality.

The first one will give you a classic 70s look like Farrah Fawcett, and the second one will also provide volume and texture with a glam rock touch. 

"This is the cut where the person wants something fun, creative, bold, and effortless. People want to be able to apply some product, scrunch, and run out of the house with minimal effort and maximum vibe," she tells People Chica.

The Ocean Goddess

This is the cut if you want to keep your length but would love more cascading layers. It's ideal to give lift and volume while maintaining length. 

Important Tips

For curly-haired girls who like to switch a bit and straighten their hair, is it true that winter is a better time to do it, or is the weather, not a crucial factor?

People that enjoy going from curly to straightened hair, they're typically making these changes in the winter because straightened hair will essentially last longer when we're not sweating as much and the humidity isn't as high.

I've had clients' hair thrive during all seasons, no matter how they'd like to switch it up, but winter does tend to give the styles the longevity that most enjoy.

Is it true that one or two-step-loving curly-haired girls should never skip their hair routine for the summer?

There are two things that I feel curly people should never skip out on when it comes to their summer routine. 

Tip No.1: is to always use a leave-in conditioner. One of my favorite leave-in sprays right now is Mist Of Wonders by DevaCurl ($40).

This is a product that I've used for all my guests that range from fine wavy hair to tiny coils like my own hair, and it's been instrumental in boosting the moisturization of the hair.

Mist Of Wonders
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Another tip that curly people shouldn't forget is to protect their hair with either a UV protectant or by wearing a hat during the summer months.

We can agree that the sun feels amazing on our bodies, but those UV rays can make our hair color fade faster (pro tip for my blondes and fashion color clients), and also be super drying to all curls.