The Puerto Rican talks to People CHICA about his debut album and new video.

First he gave us “Rebota,” and now Guaynaa is back with his new single “Rompe Rodillas,” shot in Hollywood. “The lyrics and the rhythm are like reggaeton mixed with cumbia,” he tells People CHICA. “It sounds like a party for Latinx people, and American people, too, because they love Latin music. We love American music!”

While the world is enjoying his singles, everyone is also anticipating his debut album, which will introduce a changed Guaynaa. “Everyone is waiting for reggaeton, so we’re going to give the people what they’re waiting for,” he says. “At the same time, we’re going to go more deep on the other half of the album, because when you enter the music industry and you start knowing people, … they have more time than you in the industry and know more artists and situations in music and teach you.”

Aside from working on the album and gearing up for his European tour, he also made time to feature on Mariah’s new single “Taxi,” which came out last month. “She has that spirit of a diva. The things she writes and does on camera, she has the same spirit in person,” he explains. “I like those types of artists because you’re going to be better — it’s going to be easier for you if you have the character and the human so close.”

In the future, Guaynaa hopes to go on tour in the U.S., but for now wants to focus on his music. “That’s what we’re starting to do right now with strategy and passion and vision at the same time,” he says.

“Rompe Rodillas” is now available on all streaming platforms.