The superstar couple are proof that fairytale loves do happen.

There is no denying that Lele Pons and her beau Guaynaa have the kind of relationship that dreams are made of.

The Venezuelan American singer-actress and Puerto Rican urbano performer have warmed the hearts of fans worldwide with their genuine sincerity for one another and their sense of humor.

On June 9, the couple shared an Instagram slideshow with photos and a video of them flawlessly recreating a popular couples' pose aboard a boat during sunset.

The pose they were recreating? It's the one where folks are elegantly kissing as they fall into a pool, or in the case of Pons and Guaynaa, the ocean.

Pons can be seen wearing a multi-colored cover-up as she gently held onto her love as they kissed.

In the video included in the post, you can see the couple posing and getting ready for the picture and later hear the eventual plop when Guaynaa's back hits the water.

It's clear that the couple truly enjoys spending time together—and documenting it.

This is something that can be seen in a recent post from June 4 where Pons is gazing at the camera in a black bikini reaching back and holding onto Guaynaa's hand.

The slideshow, captioned, "I love my photographer 😂😂😂," also shows the Puerto Rican rapper in the following photo rolling his eyes while holding his phone in some short shorts.