Two months after an accident nearly claimed his life, the Puerto Rican rapper is opening up to his fans about his recovery.

Puerto Rican artist Guaynaa is on the road to recovery—and thriving.

Nearly two months after suffering traumatic injuries from a car accident on January 17 in Los Angeles, the rapper addressed the public in an Instagram live on March 14 to let fans know he is finally seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel."

"Passing by to let you know that little by little we are going to start doing music again, we are going to start doing shows and recording," the rapper said during the live stream, where over 2,000 fans joined to wish him a continued swift recovery.

He continued, "We are still resting, but yes, we already have a clearer picture, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel."

During the broadcast, the rapper reminded everyone on the importance of living a life in moderation and being a good person. "I never thought I'd be so close to death," he notes.

News of the "Monterrey" vocalist's accident was released to the public by Latin PR agency, French Toast. The statement detailed how the 29 year old was traveling as a passenger in a car that was struck by another vehicle. He suffered severe trauma, for which he was transported via ambulance to the hospital.

"After the accident, more than anything there were moments of uncertainty, it was what gave me stress and insecurity," he explained.

He ended the broadcast with words of encouragement for his fans and shared a photo of the scar on his neck on his Instagram, "There's Guaynaa for a while!"

A day after the accident, Guaynaa posted a detailed account of what happened to his Instagram, alongside several photos where he is seen wearing a neck collar. Girlfriend and singer Lele Pons was by his side every step of the way.

"Grateful to life, with God. In the middle of the night yesterday I was the victim of a car accident. Now it's time to recover. I know that with the support of my friends, family and fans, I'm going to get through this as soon as possible," he wrote. "Thank you all for your messages, and your calls. Love you!"

We wish you a swift recovery!