From a young age, this Dominican full-time mom and entrepreneur had a passion for makeup which she turned into her dream beauty business.
Chica Boss Giselle Hernandez
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The creator of makeup brand Glamlite Cosmetics, Giselle Hernández, had a passion for makeup from a young age and always dreamed of owning her own makeup line. Despite some financial obstacles, Hernández never gave up —and in 2017 she launched her first eyeshadow palette. "As an immigrant growing up in a $16,000 per year household, this dream seemed far-fetched. However, I was determined to make it happen," she tells People CHICA. "In order to save enough money to launch my own makeup [line], I charged $1,900 on a credit card and purchased selfie lights to sell on Instagram; hence why the company is called Glamlite."

Hernández, who was born in the Dominican Republic, did all this while juggling the responsibilities of being a full-time mom. "I packed orders while my baby slept, did customer service, taught myself about online marketing and would work on developing my cosmetic products at night," she explains. "After gaining 20,000 followers from selling selfie lights and saving enough money to launch, Glamlite Cosmetics was born."

Giselle Hernandez
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Despite her success in the beauty world, Hernández admits she felt out of place in it because, as a plus-size woman, she was bullied and fat-shamed because of her appearance. Still, she pushed on and was inspired to create her Pizza Palette in 2018. "I decided to embrace my passion for food and makeup to create our first food-inspired makeup product," she shares. "My entire life changed after releasing that palette. I went from packing orders by myself on a kitchen counter to having a warehouse in Los Angeles and a full team."

Her determination has contributed to the ongoing success of Glamlite Cosmetics. "We've released multiple sold-out collections and our brand continues to grow rapidly," she says. "Goes to show that anything in life is possible by simply believing in your dream and going against all odds."