The singers talk about their new "long-distance" collaboration.

Por Alma Sacasa
Septiembre 18, 2020
Lourival Rodriguez

Dominican artist GioBulla released "Consentida" last year, during a time that he describes as a "weird place mentally and emotionally." "I can't right now picture how it went from me listening to the beat to me recording, but within 15 minutes, the structure at least mostly was made," he tells People CHICA. "So it actually came from real feelings that I needed to let out."

A year later, he's teamed up with Cuban American artist Kat Dahlia for the remix, which was done via long-distance. "When they sent me this record to hop on I was just so stoked to be a part of it," Dahlia shares. "We finally got together in the studio for real just recently. We were both in Miami and then we just started f***ing around and shooting the video together. Now we're best friends."

GioBulla wasn't planning on doing a remix for the song, but listening to Kat's music made him want to try something different. "My music is 90 percent personal situations," he explains. "I'm really picky with the way my music is handled by people, so I wasn't necessarily waiting to do a remix of this. But the idea came up — people love this song, people gravitate to the record, so why not add a different feel to it? Then they introduced me to Kat's music and I was like, 'Ooh, wait, this could add a different sound.' I don't think anybody else could've done a better job."

For the video, filmed in the Dominican Republic, GioBulla was hands-on with production, and wanted to mix the feeling of the island with Kat's sound. "I usually direct, produce, or even shoot the majority of my own videos," he says. "The song was recorded in the Dominican Republic, and I wanted to bring that cultural feeling to it. There's this little place that I like going to eat and it has a feeling of home ... so I wanted to just bring that feeling and mix it in with the new take that we did with Kat, and try to create this warm, real feeling."

For her part, Kat is working on an album called Seven, due out in October, and this week she released her solo single "Facil," but she and GioBulla have more planned as a team. They recently met up again and worked on new music. "We started vibing," he shares. "Since this was such a good feeling, let's see what else comes up, what other emotions we can tap into."