Actress Gina Rodriguez expressed her concern for the living conditions of immigrants in U.S. detention centers and joins a campaign to raise funds to help immigrant families.

Gina Rodriguez knows that fame comes with social responsibility. The actress of Puerto Rican descent, 35, often uses her Instagram platform to raise awareness about social and political issues. The Jane the Virgin star recently shared a post showing concern for the living conditions of immigrants in detention centers at the U.S. border.

“Currently, immigrant detainees, including young children, are being deprived of the most basic human needs: Running water, clean clothes, adequate food, healthy sleep and beds,” Rodriguez wrote on Instagram, in response to the #OneVidaAtATimeChallenge, which requires posting a photo of yourself hugging a loved one. “Experts have called the conditions at these detention centers, where children are separated from their parents, ‘worse than jail' and compared them to ‘torture facilities.' These young ones are not allowed to receive hugs or any physical contact from caretakers — or even one another. This has the potential to create severe trauma. We all use hugs as a way to comfort, to encourage, to create warmth, and to heal.”

Gina Rodríguez

She also invites her over 4 million Instagram followers to “join the #OneVidaAtATime hug challenge to foster empathy and raise funds for Immigrant Families Together, an organization which offers comprehensive support to asylum seekers once they are released.” The actress asked her followers to tag the post #OneVidaAtATimeHugChallenge and to donate to Immigrant Families Together, and encouraged family and friends to also join the campaign.