Kany García’s new album Contra El Viento (Against the Wind) will blow you away. Get to know the talented Puerto Rican singer better.

Kany García's new album Contra el viento drops on May 17 and includes powerful duets with Tommy Torres, Natalia Lafourcade and Fito Páez. “Walking against the wind generates something wonderful because what is moving your feet is no other force than your own,” she says of what inspired the album's title “Against the Wind.” “I hope this album is a refuge to all those who want to row bravely [against the current].” The album's cover is a drawing of a girl with messy windswept hair, created by none other than Spanish singer Joaquín Sabina, whom she considers a friend and mentor. Here are five things you should know about the Puerto Rican singer and songwriter.

1. She is into body ink. Kany's first tattoo is a little star she got while she was in college. She also tattooed the word “Solidarity,” an old record player, a flor de maga (the national flower of Puerto Rico) and an elephant (a symbol for strength) on her left arm.


2. She is in love with another woman. In February of 2016, she confessed to the world via social media that she was in a relationship with her personal trainer, Jocelyn Troche. She told Billboard about coming out: “In the world we live in, anyone who says it wasn't scary to talk about the subject is lying. We live in a world that's very lopsided when it comes to women and sexual orientation. I had terrible fears. But I also felt a huge need to go to all those red carpets — where you see your colleagues with their companions — with someone [I cared about]. The fact that I couldn't became far more important than the fear of coming out.”

3. She has some high-profile collaborators. Kany has recorded duets with Tommy Torres, Pedro Capó and René Perez (Residente), among others. She also worked as a producer on Natti Natasha's album IlumiNATTI and on Jennifer Lopez's yet-to-be released Spanish album.

4. She had a deep connection with her dad, Antonio García, who was a priest before marrying Kany's mom. She dedicated her song “Demasiado bueno” (“Too Good”) to her father, who died of pancreatic cancer. She captioned the tender photo below: “#TBT the best job I've had…being my father's ‘stylist.' I miss you so much old man and feel you so close to me every day of my life.”

5. She is an advocate for gender equality. The music video of her duet “Banana Papaya” with Residente talks about couples sharing domestic chores and “men serving women beer as they watch a football game.” With humor and a dash of eroticism, the video sends a strong message. Check it out!