The former soccer player is under fire for posting a photo with the woman he allegedly had an affair with while with Shakira.

Two weeks after the release of Shakira's chart-topping global hit "BZRP Sessions #53," Gerard Piqué has posted the first official photo alongside his girlfriend, Clara Chía Martí, on Instagram.

CLARA-mente, the ex-soccer player didn't think he would receive any sal-pique for sharing the photo where he is cuddled up next to the 23 year old, but fans and celebrities alike have heavily condemned his actions and asked for more respect for the mother of his two children, Sasha and Milán.

"I want to know what your opinions are about this photo after all the criticism Shakira received for the song she released saying their children would be affected," one fan wrote.

"People and their double standards. The kids were already affected when their father was sneaking another woman into their home being disrespectful to Shakira and now he posts her on Instagram. As usual, women have to sacrifice and endure things for our children? Nahhh good for you Shakira I hope we learn from you," the fan continued.

Another one sent a message directly to Martí, "Clarita remember that when the lover moves on to being the official partner, the vacancy for lover opens up."

Many have called Piqué out for his lack of ethics throughout the controversy surrounding his separation from the barranquillera, but this seems to be the last straw for many.

Celebrities and media personalities such as Carolina Sandoval, Lele Pons, and Luz María Doria, among others, have commented on the scandalous post.

"Enjoy this while it lasts, your children also look at're bad," Sandoval wrote. "Clara-mente they are misplaced children," added Venezuelan actress Carolina Perpetuo.

Doria posted a photo of Shakira and her two sons on her own profile, reflecting on what the image made her feel.

"I thought of this photo when I saw the other one. A new wound for this family, and this time there's blood that sal...pique," the Despierta America executive producer wrote.