The model and mother of five gives a glimpse of what she truly thinks about how the media has been covering her.

The loss of a child is said to be the biggest pain any parent can suffer—a pain that couple Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo have come to know.

On April 18, Ronaldo and Rodríguez took to Instagram to share a joint statement announcing the loss of their newborn twin son and asked fans for the privacy to grieve the loss of their little one while also rejoicing in the arrival of their youngest daughter, Bella Esmeralda.

Since then, the media and the world have moved on to what they do best: watching the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Something that has clearly left Rodríguez feeling despondent.

Rodríguez took to her Instagram stories to express just how unfairly coverage has been of her weeks after the loss of her son.

Georgina Rodriguez Instagram post about media coverage
Georgina Rodriguez Instagram post about media coverage
Left: Credit: Instagram / @georginagio
Right: Credit: Instagram / @georginagio

The mother of five shared two screenshots of a Glamour article where the writer calls Rodríguez an "invisible woman" and notes how her grief has been completely ignored.

"Georgina's pregnancy was covered by every communication medium, the same ones who wasted no time getting back to writing about [her] vacations. Where there once was talk about the life of a women, like the photograph of Lady Di, now has been replaced with pictures of women in bikinis after giving birth," the piece begins.

"Be it in favor of supposed female empowerment or to criticize or to simply say 'here is her body, look at it and judge it for yourself.' It is the only thing you see. [You don't see] her melancholic glances, her history, the way she is processing her grief, the only thing that is considered as a hook for readers is the female figure after such the radical transformation of pregnancy and, on this occasion, the inaudible devastation of the thing one loves the most, a child," the writer continued.

In the subsequent screenshot shared, the writer explains why they refer to Rodríguez as an "invisible woman."

"Philip Roth once wrote that beautiful women are invisible and if we consider this as something true, Georgina is the latest invisible woman—despite being a reality TV star—due to her physique, the media attention she receives every day, and due to her lavish lifestyle that everyone envies," the piece explains.

Although Rodríguez did not specifically say all these things, the screenshots she shared speak tenfold of the silent pain she is experiencing every single day since losing her little boy.