Cuban 'Chica Boss' Gaby Trujillo talks about her makeup line inspired by Latinas and how she made her business dreams a reality.

Gaby Trujillo always dreamed of having her own makeup line and talked to People CHICA about how she made it a reality. She started as a makeup artist right out of high school in Miami and later got hired in a corporate position at a makeup company. “I started learning the behind-the-scenes of an actual business and I always wanted to have my own,” she says. “I decided to try. With the money that I had saved up over the years I created my first palette.”

The founder of Alamar Cosmetics just launched DesNUDEas, a collection of 4 lip glosses that are all in nude tones “to create a very pouty nude lip.” “Latinas are very presumidas, we love to look good and do our makeup and hair,” she says. “My own grandma, my mom and tías always had red lipstick, mascara and a ton of blush on. They always looked good and I'm so inspired by them. That's why I launched my coloretes, which are different blushes, because my grandma does not leave the house without blush.”


Trujillo's mom was also a big influence. “She is a skincare aesthetician, so I grew up in the environment of beauty salons. Beauty and skincare was a big topic in our household. My mom came to the United States from Cuba when I was three years old. She didn't speak English and she became a pharmacy technician, went to beauty school and then opened her own salon. She was extremely hardworking and didn't take no for an answer,” she recalls.


The name of her makeup line, Alamar, is actually the neighborhood where she was born in Cuba and visited growing up. “I would visit my abuela's house in Alamar, I had a lot of friends there. I remember my grandma gardening outside and how close she was to her neighbors. I had a lot of good memories of community, friendship and fun.”

Her makeup line also celebrates diversity. “I want women to find beauty in their own backgrounds and not worry so much about trends, but to go back to what you thought was beautiful as a kid in your own community,” she says. “I make sure that everything that I create will show up beautifully and vibrantly on every skin tone.”

This Chica Boss, 23 — who is happily engaged — motivates all Latinas with a dream to make it a reality. “You can do it. We all learn as we go,” Trujillo emphasizes. “If you have the drive, try and if you fail, try again.”