The Venezuelan actress is changing the lip game. 

Por Pía Velasco
Updated Diciembre 02, 2016
Gaby Espino, ejercicio
Credit: Troy Rizzo/WireImage

A year after launching her line of beauty products, actress Gaby Espino has decided to launch THE LUXE, a new line of lip products that includes five toolboxes containing a lip liner, a lip balm with a matte finish and a lipgloss from the new collection. “They're going to be able to change their look twice a day without having to go home,” says Espino, who emphasizes that the toolbox is perfect for on-the-go women like herself who want to change their lipcolor several times throughout the day. As each of the five boxes offers different palettes, the Venezuelan actress has created a questionnaire on her website so that everyone can find the toolbox that corresponds to their tastes and unique personality.

The new line includes ten shades of Extreme Matte lipsticks, ten Vinyl lipsticks, and for the first time, ten lip liners. “They were definitely needed [in the collection] to have a perfect mouth,” admits the Señora Acero 3 star. While speaking about the products, Espino explains that the mattes texture has a lot of pigmentation and is long lasting, the vinyls are super shiny, and the lip liners have a creamy texture. Additionally, each product is also formulated with vitamin E in order to nourish the lips.


According to Espino, who will play Mary Magdalene in the upcoming film Jesus of Nazareth, the range of colors in her lip line were chosen with her fans who, through social media, got involved in the process. “There are many nudes, many earth tones, wines, reds, and of course the line of pinks that cannot be missed … especially fuchsias,” says Espino whose line has now expanded to over eighty products. “I am very grateful for all that we have achieved.”