August 11's Sturgeon moon will bring much-needed balance to Leo's fiery energy.

With only a few days left in Leo season, the cosmos are bringing us a new perspective with a full moon in Aquarius on August 11.

The sign of creativity and innovation is helping us break out of old patterns and structures that will allow us to give birth to a new version of ourselves and how we do things.

Ruled by Uranus, expect a desire to rebel against what you know and open space for change.

Here's what you can expect from this lunation and how you can harness the water bearer's power to let go of the old and let in the new.

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Change is Coming, Even if it Feels Slow

Known for being a sign of contradiction, Aquarius energy may feel like you've got your foot on the break and the gas pedal at the same time. Even if you're feeling like you're ready to turn a new page and nothing is happening, trust that it is.

The finale of the Saturn and Uranus square-off is coming to an end, so take this time to think things through before taking action.

Get Ready to Evolve

Aquarius is all about innovation and evolution. If you're seeing things clearly, then trust your intuition and move toward your goals and dreams fearlessly.

Just as Leo's powerful energy has been providing much-needed confidence and heart, Aquarius will allow the space necessary for those dreams to come true.

Full Moon
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Create an Authentic Vision for Your Future

Full moons illuminate what we have to see in order to move forward. Take tonight's lunation as an invitation to look at all the aspects in our lives that are no longer aligned with our vision for the future.

What is not making you feel authentic or yourself? What has the potential to align with what you truly want in life?