Frida Sofía opens up about overcoming her fears and making her musical debut. The daughter of singer Alejandra Guzmán, who continues to be distanced from her famous mom, talks about reconnecting with her father.

Frida Sofía, the daughter of renowned Mexican rocker Alejandra Guzmán, recently made her singing debut and talked to Primer Impacto about it. “I didn't have a childhood at all,” the 27-year-old rising star told Mexican TV host Michelle Galván. Sofía — who comes from a dynasty of Mexican artists including her grandmother, iconic actress Silvia Pinal — said her childhood was shattered after a kidnapping attempt in Mexico when she was 12 years old. “I would give her a huge hug and kiss, and I would tell her not to stop dancing ballet or singing,” she said about what she would tell herself as a child.

Sofía — who teased her first single “Andale” on Instagram — recently made her singing debut at the Balón de Oro awards in Los Angeles. “I was super nervous,” she admits. “I compare it to the time I jumped off a plane.” What thought played over and over in her head before going on stage? “Don't faint, stupid!,” she said with a laugh. “I suffer from really strong anxiety because of the kidnapping.”

Frida Sofía Guzmán

Having her father, Pablo Moctezuma, whom she hadn't had the closest relationship with in the past, present to wish her luck during her musical debut meant the world to her, she says. “It was like my concert, it was something I needed,” she says about connecting with her dad. “Now everyone is saying, ‘Oh, now you love your dad.' I have loved my dad my entire life, just like I have loved my mom! But I'm fed up of focusing on my past because if I focus on my past, my future no longer exists.”

Frida Sofía, Balón de Oro, Univision

When Galván asked her if people compared her to her famous mom, she replied, “I feel that they compared me more to J.Lo than to my mom.” What did she learn from the so-called Queen of Hearts? “Everything — her facial expressions, how to perform, how to do a concert,” she says of what she inherited from her mother artistically. “It's very difficult to adapt to everything that goes on behind the stage that people don't see. You get scared.”

Sofía added she identifies most with her godmother, the legendary María Félix. “I identify a lot with my madrina, and there was a reason she baptized me,” she said about the Mexican actress. “She is not just anybody. I read about her, and it's not just because she is ‘the great María Félix' and I'm going to use her for fame. I read her quotes and have her raised eyebrow. I identify with everything, how feminist and perra she was. So sorry, not sorry. She is a woman who can really wear the pants!”

About her mom — whom Sofía accused of having an affair with her ex-boyfriend, something that the Mexican singer has denied — she said, “There has come a point where I don't have to say anything about her and she doesn't have to say anything about me.”

The former fitness trainer said she doesn't live off her mom, like it's been said in the press. “I made my money from Frida Fitness, from Frida G Corp, my two companies,” she emphasized. Sofía revealed she is writing an autobiography and concluded about her broken relationship with Guzmán: “It's not about forgiving, it's about accepting and loving. At the end of the day, I'm her daughter and she is my mom. For me to wish my own mother harm would be to poison myself.”