The rockstar has officially removed her only daughter from her will, replacing her with a new heir.

After several tumultuous years where the Guzmán family has been involved in various scandals regarding allegations made by Frida Sofía that she was sexually abused by her maternal grandfather, Alejandra Guzmán has severed ties with her daughter by taking her off her will.

The Mexican rockstar's relationship with her daughter has been in shambles for some time, especially after the singer took her father's side regarding the allegations. Rumors that she was planning on taking her only child out of her will had not been confirmed until now after she has named a new heir on her testament.

"That both apartments be placed under my name completely and that's it. I am the only owner; put my name the other two and if something happens, put [Apolo]. I want to make a testament and I'm leaving everything to [Apolo] I don't care," Alejandra Guzmán said in a voice note shared by diverse media outlets and by Milenio. "If I have to do it over the internet, or whatever, let's speed that up."

Frida Sofia
Credit: Photo by Trisha Leeper/WireImage

Apolo, the heir named by the vocalist is Luis Enrique Guzmán's son. Last year, Enrique Guzmán had declared his grandson would inherit everything.

The "Reina de corazones" star left the model her own apartment and wished her well in her future endeavors, making it clear she wants nothing to do with her.

"And that 100 percent [of the apartment where Frida lives] is for her and that she takes care of her own life, her stuff and that God blesses her. I don't need to see her or anything, let her take care of her own life," she added.

Alejandra Guzmán has not commented further on the subject, however, Frida Sofía posted a commentary on her stories alongside a shared video.

Frida Sofia
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"When they 'disinherit' you but the party goes on" she wrote.

Despite the backlash she has received from her mother and grandfather, the entrepreneur has expressed she does not regret her decision to come forward regarding her sexual assault allegations against her grandfather.

"It's shameful, humiliating, traumatizing, something that I even normalized in my mind, until I said 'this is not okay," she told People en Español in an interview last year. "Of course I forgive her [Alejandra Guzmán], otherwise it's like drinking your own venom and waiting for someone else to die," she added regarding her feelings toward her mother.

Alejandra Guzmán has not commented further on this matter.