From cactus tortilla chips to organic seasonings, your pantry will be stocked up with some of the best products out there.

Anyone who knows anything about cooking will tell you that your food will only be as good as the ingredients that you have in your pantry and refrigerator. There's no denying that food tastes so much more delicioso when you are using top-notch ingredients.

Whether you're in the market for highly specialized goodies due to food sensitivities or just want to add a bit more spice to your life, the following Latinx-owned food brands have just what you need. With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday around the corner, Chica is highlighting Latinx-owned businesses that are doing something truly special and helping each dish you make for your family feel more special than the last.

1. Siete Family Foods

Co-Founder & President, Veronica Garza, experienced debilitating autoimmune conditions that negatively affected her every day life. At the behest of her brother, she began researching low-inflammation and grain-free diet options—a step that changed the course of her life. Siete was born from a need to offer traditional Latinx products that promoted a healthier lifestyle for folks everywhere. From tortillas to buñuelo cinnamon strips, Siete's products are all free of soy, dairy, gluten and grains (they also happen to be vegan and paleo friendly). Items range from $28 to $80 (they sell in bundle packs).

2. Loisa

Founders Kenny Luna, who is of Dominican-Peruvian descent, and Scott Hattis, who is proudly married to a Dominican American Latina, wanted to revolutionize traditional Latin seasonings like adobo and sofrito by doing one simple thing: removing all the fluff. What are you left with? Something that is pure, rich and extra delicious. Loisa offers a wide variety of sazónes ranging from cumin to garlic and everything in between. Items range from $9 to $94.

3. Lola's Mercadito

Founder Dolores "Lola" Wiarco Dweck has a great appreciation for her Mexican heritage and has worked tirelessly to highlight its beauty and vibrancy in everything she does. On her Lola's Mercadito Etsy shop, you can find a wide range of gourmet and artisan goods all of which are inspired by Mexico. Her vanilla bean products are of note as they are handcrafted in small batches and contain no artificial preservatives. Items range from $6 to $39.

4. Pisqueya

Founder and CEO, Maritza Abreu, felt that Dominican cuisine wasn't getting its fair share of love on the global food and decided to do something about it. Abreu created Pisqueya with the goal of introducing more Dominican-centered products that honored the spirit of the lively Caribbean island. With family recipe in hand, the Dominican entrepreneur set out to provide hot sauces (and now adobo) that was truly indicative of her upbringing. Items range from $6 to $30.

5. Tia Lupita Foods

Founder Hector Saldivar created Tia Lupita in an effort to not only honor his Mexican heritage but also pay homage to his mother's time-honored recipes. Upon relocating to San Francisco, California, his mother used to send him care packages stocked with some of her signature items—her hot sauce being one of them. The sense of nostalgia he would get every time he would taste her hot sauce was something he wanted to share with the world. With her permission he bottled it up and began selling it with the goal of bringing a little bit of happiness into the lives of others. Tia Lupita sells hot sauces, chips and tortillas, with items ranging from $5 to $71.