Looking to improve your fitness and nutrition? Set attainable goals for the new year? Tune into this week's podcast selection for expert episodes that will help you get started.

Happy Monday, chica! With Virgo season full-on, it's the perfect time to set our health and wellness intentions for 2022. As we focus on our fitness goals, it's important to remember that all bodies are beautiful, and fitness journeys are composed of intentional steps, not sprints. 

This week's podcast selection brings you knowledge from experts in nutrition, fitness, and wellness to help you develop routines and habits that work for you. Working from scientific evidence, kindness, and creating a positive foundation with food and exercise, these experts will help you bring your fitness goals alive. 

Grab your headphones, turn up the radio in your car, or get your speakers ready to start your journey into the new year!

Running podcast
  1. Con Ciencia Healthcast:  

Nutritionists Ana Sofía Guerra and Olivia Hernández have created this podcast to bring updated health information based on scientific evidence to help you demystify ongoing trends and misinformation on nutrition. They interview experts in Spanish episodes on health, food, and wellness to bring a well-rounded approach to what and how we eat. 

2. Nutrición y Salud con el Dr. Hernandez

Dr. Antonio Hernández is a specialist in orthomolecular nutrition, natural and integrative medicine. Dr. Hernández goes deep into how proper nutrition, exercise, and a well-balanced lifestyle can help us lead a better life. He slays food phobias, explains intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets. If you're looking for short and informative Spanish episodes to improve how you shop, eat, and relate to food. 

3. Nourishing Women Podcast 

If you're looking for a podcast to improve body and mind wellness, then join host Victoria Myers in these English episodes that aim to educate, inspire, and empower women to live their life to the fullest. Myers is a dietician and co-founder of Nourishing Minds Nutrition, a virtual private practice and education resource that "empowers women to ditch the diets, heal their digestion, regulate their hormones and learn to practice wellness without obsession." 

4. El VedgeTalk Podcast Español

Have you been considering or thinking about starting a Vegan diet? Perhaps you've wanted to incorporate more plant-based eating into your life. Host Ana Alarcón shares stories of athletes, chefs, business owners, politicians, influencers, and others who have shifted into this diet and how it has affected their lives for the better. The episodes in Spanish are engaging and interesting, giving us a new perspective on plant-based living. 

5. Diet Starts Tomorrow

Aleen Dreksler and Sami Sage understand the real struggles women go through in their fitness journeys. The co-founders of Betches Media bring you English episodes with a zero-bs perspective on wellness, weight loss, mental health, and fitness. This podcast goes into the psychological and emotional side of well-being, discussing their experiences, shutting down "Instagram-perfect" bodies, and handling our fitness and nutrition experiences with kindness.