Venezuelan TV host Alessandra Villegas spills her secrets to looking fit and fabulous after giving birth.

Por Lena Hansen
Junio 04, 2019

Alessandra Villegas turned heads on the catwalk of Miami Fashion Week as she hosted the glam event this past week. The Venezuelan TV host, who gave birth to her son Daniel Alejandro in February, looked stunning and shared her nutrition and fitness tips with People en Español to get back her hot bod after baby. “I eat healthy and try to avoid sugars and dairy products,” she says. “I eat mostly fish, no red meat.” She also chooses healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potato or yucca. Breastfeeding has been her not-so-secret weapon. “The most important tip I can give is I've breastfed exclusively and you burn approximately 500 calories every time the baby latches on,” she admits.

The Venezuelan beauty also works out at least four times a week for an hour. The host of VME TV's show Tu Bebé takes pilates classes, does weightlifting circuits and enjoys walks outside with her son. “When you do things you enjoy to stay active it doesn't become an obligation, it's actually your time to relax and have your ‘me moment',” says the fashion designer and co-creator of the handbag brand VJ Collections.

Villegas shared what she eats on a regular day to keep her jaw-dropping figure. “I make myself two scrambled eggs in the morning with cassave, I use clarified ghee butter and a jelly made only of fruits (without added sugars, that is 100 percent natural),” she reveals.


“I drink my coffee, take my vitamins, my probiotics and prebiotics, that really helps me stay active and healthy,” she assures. She snacks on fruit and nuts and her lunch is usually fish (salmon or halibut) with a salad. “Sometimes I'll eat grains and a healthy carbohydrate like sweet potato or quinoa,” she adds.


She has a sweet tooth, she admits, so her second daily snack in the afternoon must be a little indulgence. She enjoys cookies with coconut sugar —or a piece of dark chocolate— with a cup of coffee and almond milk. Dinner usually consists of a lean protein like tuna and small portion of carbohydrates. Say goodbye to ice cream, pizza and pasta! The new mom's disciplined formula is certainly yielding results!