The I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself, and Coming Back Home to Soul author talked to People Chica about her Diosa retreats, Diosahood and why sisterhood is a part of healing.

Christine Gutiérrez
Credit: Photo by Fernando Samalot

Christine Gutiérrez has always felt that she had a bigger calling in life—one that would take her on a journey to help alleviate suffering in the world through spiritual work (something that she explores in her book).

"I went to school to become a therapist, and then I realized that the word psychology means the study of the soul, not the study of the mind," says the licensed psychotherapist and life coach. "That means for me that there was a missing piece, a depth that I felt was missing from the traditional—more white colonized—version of therapy, and I wanted to bring back more of that ancestral medicine and wisdom that lives within us in our culture and our roots."

The Nuyorican and mother of one sets herself apart by combining modern therapy with ancient wisdom. She incorporates intuitive practices, breathing techniques and encourages people to create their own altars as they dive deep into their healing journey.

"I consider myself a sensitive soul. I feel like since an early age I've felt very connected to the suffering of the world," she tells Chica. "I always wanted to make a difference and try to alleviate the pain. I just always knew that we were connected and that compassion and caring about other people's stories makes a difference."

The evolution of her calling and work led her to the create her annual Diosa retreat in Puerto Rico where she has leveraged her expertise to help thousands who struggle with love addiction, self-sabotage, toxic relationships and low self-esteem.

"I am just reminding women of their worth and the power that happens by knowing that each woman is the medicine they have been waiting for," she explains.

I am Diosa
Credit: Courtesy of Penguin Publishing

At her yearly retreat women gather to crown themselves in confidence through deep diosa work exercises. The sacred experience is a time where participants have the opportunity to heal deep wounds and become empowered while being surrounded by sisterhood.

However, Gutiérrez knew despite the impact of her Diosa retreats she wanted to make the tools she shared with her fellow diosas accessible to everyone (especially those who couldn't travel to Puerto Rico). That's when she heard the voice of a new calling and wrote I Am Diosa: A Journey to Healing Deep, Loving Yourself, and Coming Back Home to Soul.

"I wanted [it] to be a Diosa retreat in a book," she says. "In the book, I'm guiding people on this journey to do that deep work and remember their worthiness—to remember their power."

The book was welcomed by women from all over and was seen as a path to healing that spoke directly to their hearts and deep emotional wounds. Since its release, she has received testimonials from women of color who claimed the book saved their lives (people who had been waiting to hear from a voice that represented them, per to Gutiérrez).

Now, she continues to carry out her groundbreaking work through the "Diosahood" online community where she is opening doors to like hearted and minded women of color from across the globe. Its purpose? To provide women with a safe space to heal, reconnect with their soul calling, and be "loved up" when they can't do it for themselves.

The dog mom adds, "We're always learning, we're always growing, this is not about perfection. I teach at a sisterhood level. I share my experiences, I share my vulnerability, I share the ins-and-outs, and through witnessing someone else's growth, you find hope. It's what we most learn from storytelling. We heal by hearing other people's stories and then we find hope."

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