We could all have a better relationship with our dinero, right? These experts think so too. Tune in to this week's selection of podcasts to get your dollars working for you.


As the year starts winding down and we get closer to the holidays, it's an excellent time to get everything financial in order. We've seen how the world is transforming, with new ways of earning money, invest, and even learn more about the all-so-interesting world of cryptocurrency. 

This week's selection of podcasts is all about dinero. These experts go into subjects like clearing debt, savings, creating generational wealth and investing your pennies to turn them into dollars. 

 If you want to pay off some credit cards, student loans, or learn how you can start saving money, then grab your headphones, speaker or crank up the radio in your car and tune in. Enjoy!

Piggy Bank
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  1. Jefas y Jevas: Historias de mujeres latinas que valen un millón

Let's get started with some inspiration brought to you by host Celina Nogueras, businesswoman and co-founder of Muuaaa Design Agency. Through these Spanish episodes, she brings stories of Latina millionaires and their obstacles to reaching the top. Each episode is meant to inspire and empower other women through their stages of growth and acceleration while connecting them to a network of Latina entrepreneurs.

2. Vanessa Marrero: Dinero, emociones, emprendimiento

Entrepreneur mentor, economist, coach, and financial educator Vanessa Marrero has developed her method for tackling economic issues, which she calls: Emotional Financial Education. In this Spanish podcast, she shares everything she has learned over the past eight years, helping people transform their finances to reach personal and professional goals.

3. Coin Stories

Natalie Brunell is a journalist and educator sharing interviews with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency thought leaders to help listeners learn more about what it is, how to use it, and who it has worked for. The episodes in English go into the various aspects of Bitcoin. Experts go through diverse angles and detail their perceptions and experiences using this revolutionary form of creating wealth.

4. Finanzas para todos by Fisherman

Hosts Alfredo Escalón and Marilú Burgos want people to improve their finances through education. In this Spanish podcast, they get candid on their personal stories, share advice, and tell stories that will move you to take small steps toward financial independence.

5. Get the Hell Out of Debt

Let's face it, we've all had debt at one point or another in our lives, and it's no walk in the park. Join host Erin Skye Kelly, award-winning and best-selling author who has helped thousands pay off millions of dollars in consumer debt using financial education. This English podcast is not for the faint of heart but for those ready to take their financial future seriously, change their consumerist behavior, and establish their future with financial literacy.