The new mixtape follows the release of FERXXO (VOL.1: M.O.R), which debuted in April.

Por Alma Sacasa
Septiembre 11, 2020

Colombian star Feid has been keeping busy this year. After releasing FERXXO (VOL 1: M.O.R) in April, he's back with a new mixtape called Bahía Ducati. Released on Friday, the new project features collaborations with artists like De La Ghetto, Sech, Ñejo, Álvaro Díaz, and Miky Woodz.

"Bahía Ducati is for me a super special project, which was born in the quarantine, which ended up in quarantine, and which comes out almost in the final stretch of all this," he said in a press release. "I have no expectations because we put so much love and we dedicated so much time to this for it to be brutal! I hope people love it as much as I do, that they burn it and listen to it too many times."

In a previous interview with CHICA, he said he doesn't feel pressure to release new projects but instead just wants to keep creating things even better than what he's made before. "Creatively it is easier, but it becomes complex because I have put out a lot of music, so I have to think about overcoming my own work," he says. "I do not like making songs that are worse than the old. I try to show betterment ... the more ability I have and more talent and reach I get, the more eyes that will be looking at me."

He also shared how quarantine has in fact inspired rather than hindered his musical creativity. "I have an advantage, and that is that I live in front of the ocean," he says. "That has been my inspiration lately, sitting on my balcony or in my living room and writing from my home studio."