In an exclusive interview with People en Español, the Cuban star revealed her favorite behind-the-scenes moments she shared with the cast of the upcoming film.

Gloria Estefan is making her debut as the mother of the bride in the reboot of the iconic film Father the Bride.

The remake of this family-driven romantic comedy has taken a twist by telling the story of a Cuban family whose daughter, played by Adria Arjona, has proposed to her boyfriend, played by Diego Boneta, joining their Cuban and Mexican families in union forever.

In an exclusive interview with People en Español, Estefan dished on her role as well as her favorite behind-the-scenes moments alongside the stellar cast, including an iconic moment with the dashing father of the bride, Andy Garcia.

Father of the Bride
(L-R) ANDY GARCIA as Billy and GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid in Warner Bros. Pictures' and HBO Max’s "FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”
| Credit: Foto por Claudette Barius

"In this new version, beside the usual drama created when the bride announces her engagement out of nowhere, there's a conflict happening between her parents, namely Andy Garcia's character, Billy, and mine, Ingrid," Estefan says.

She adds, "On top of that, he's facing the fact that his daughter is not staying in Miami as he had hoped and planned for her entire life and she's marrying someone who is not Cuban and blames him for being the catalyst for her leaving. There are cultural angles that weren't present in the first two incarnations and the extended family plays a huge role, which is also different from the first two."

While on camera the cast played a family, they also became one when the cameras were off. Estefan dished out some of the unique moments the cast spent together, which even included dancing the night away and some cake.

Father of the Bride
(L-R) ANDY GARCIA as Billy, GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid, ADRIA ARJONA as Sophie and DIEGO BONETA as Adan in Warner Bros. Pictures' and HBO Max’s "FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”
| Credit: Foto por Claudette Barius

"There were many unforgettable moments because we truly became a family during the the filming of this movie," she starts. "We shared a lot of time together outside of the filming such as outings to Top Golf in Atlanta, a party at Enrique Murciano's house where we all danced the night away together."

The Grammy Award winner also hosted the cast at her home for some special bonding time.

"I also invited everyone over for a little get together that I threw at my home where we laughed ourselves silly playing Heads Up and couldn't, for the life of us, get Marta Velasco, who plays my mother, to NOT read the subject out loud as she was playing," she says.

However, one of the most iconic moments the cast experienced included an unforeseen turn of events for Garcia.

Father of the Bride
Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

"We also had a beautiful dinner in a private room at a fantastic restaurant where a woman no one knew came in, picked up one of the desserts on the table, and proceeded to force feed Andy saying that it had always been a dream of hers to do that," she revealed. "I have pictures!!"

In the end, the cast embodied what Estefan considers to be the most important thing to Latinos—familia.

"It shows just how important family is to Latinos and how love is forever in evolution and we should never stop learning from each other," she added.

Father of the Bride premiers on HBO Max on June 16, 2022.