The Bronx-born rapper gives fans everywhere a closer look at how he became the man he is today.

The road to fame and riches is oftentimes one filled with peaks, valleys and plateaus—something that famed Bronx-born rapper Fat Joe has experienced firsthand. 

In what can be deemed his next great adventure, the performer of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent is releasing his memoir The Book of Jose.

The book, which marks his debut in the literary world, will give fans and avid readers an unapologetic and intimate view of the legendary artist's life.

On why he felt this was the moment to share his story with fans, Fat Joe explains, "Well, you know, I had seen a bunch of documentaries and things that the facts wasn't right, and people who were doing them were creating their own narrative."

Fat Joe's "The Book of Jose"
Credit: Courtesy of Fat Joe

He continues, "And I didn't want to any point, God forbid, something to happen to me and somebody tell my story the wrong way. So I wanted to use my story and the transparency of my wins, my failures, to help people learn."

The "Lean Back" rapper wants to let fans know that "you can get [through] the darkest times and keep a smile on your face."

While many may shy away from baring the most intimate moments of their lives to the world, Fat Joe notes that when he first sat down to write The Book of Jose he wasn't scared, but that promoting his memoir has proven to be a bit nerve-wracking.

He explains, "It is now. It wasn't scary when I wrote it. When I wrote it, I was like, 'This is going to be the best book. This is going to be the realist.' It's going to let them know because, you know, so many fans, such as [People Chica], has followed Fat Joe for many years. But do you know, past the Lean Back, in the now, of like what I really been going through and I've been going through a lot, you know, and maintaining a smile and staying optimistic and staying positive. And so it was like exciting writing it."

Fat Joe
Credit: Courtesy of Fat Joe

The release of his memoir isn't the only thing the famed American rapper is celebrating—his memoir will be converted into a television series on Showtime that will be executive-produced by Kenya Barris.

The "Sunshine (The Light)" performer will also take to the theatrical stage for a one-man show based on the memoir which will have a special cameo from Dave Chappelle who will deliver a special introduction for it.

The Book of Jose releases everywhere on November 15, 2022, and can be purchased here.