Rodriguez discusses how she helped mold the character and honored true "street femininity and street credibility" with Letty.
Michelle Rodriguez
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Folks who work in the arts understand that each project they take on will inevitably teach them something new.

Now, if you're like superstar actress Michelle Rodriguez and have been working on a project that has spanned decades like the Fast franchise has, you're bound to not only learn a few things but also infuse much of who you are within the project.

During a chat with People Chica for her upcoming film Fast X, Rodriguez reveals that both she and her iconic character of Letty have taught each other much since the first movie, which premiered in 2001.

The actress notes that Letty is "a lot more aggressive" than she is in real life, adding that she is "a lot softer than she is."

She continued, "Ultimately, we taught each other a lot. I think a lot of me eventually started to come through or shine through in the evolution of Letty because I think originally she was written as like a sl*t who bangs the Paul Walker character and the Vin Diesel character."

Known for her unapologetic honesty, Rodriguez ultimately put her foot down and fought for changes to be made to the character.

"I had to refine that and basically threatened to quit if they didn't fix it because I was going to be a sl*t in front of millions of people. And plus, it doesn't make any sense. That's not how it works in the streets. You don't get with the pretty boy. You get the person who can win the fight," she asserts.

"FAST X" movie still
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Rodriguez explains, "That's kind of the dominance in the streets. That's the hierarchical system. It's different, but it's interesting, you know, like to see the evolution to now. I think it's been more along the lines of, like, bringing the truth of street femininity and street credibility to a character that was written by Hollywood guys who don't know anything about the street credibility and femininity of a woman."

Ultimately, thanks to Letty, Rodriguez became a better communicator.

"And so having to bring that to the table has taught me a lot about just communication in this industry in general," she concludes.

Fast X is out everywhere May 19.