"There have been many artists who have influenced me, and I want to show those songs to the new generations that are growing with my music,” the reggaeton star tells People CHICA.

By Yarely Aguilar
August 23, 2019 04:55 PM

Farruko is beyond ready to tell his story, and on Friday, he will - in the new HBO Latino documentary Farruko: En Letra de Otro. The 28-year-old singer opens the door of his heart to his fans in the hour-long special, which features performances of classic hits and behind-the-scenes interviews with the star.

One of the many reasons why Farruko decided to do this series, which spotlights contemporary artists revisiting classic hits, is because he has a lot of "respect for music in general" and wants to share that with his fans. "There have been many artists who have influenced many generations and influenced me, and I want to show those songs to the new generations that are growing with my music," he tells People CHICA. "I want people to identify with them and like them in the same way that they liked the original versions." Executive producer Sharo Towers agrees, saying, "We want to give you some lessons about what music was a few years ago."

Choosing the songs for this documentary wasn't an easy task. "That was a war, it was a saga," jokes Farruko. The process of choosing the songs lasted about a month, because he wanted them to represent both his story and be relatable for the audience. Some of his final choices include "Vuelvo a Nacer" by Frankie Ruiz, "Que Hay de Malo" by Jerry Rivera, "Te Suelto El Pelo" by Yandel, "Me Trancaron" by Divino and "Asignatura Pendiente" by Ricardo Arjona. "Farruko gave a taste of his sazón in a way that I think will obviously catch his audience, but also the audience of that old generation that identifies with those songs," says Towers.

Though the special will certainly be fun to watch, Farruko says that there's also a deeper message. "It is a message of overcoming - a message for young people, to guide them and tell them that there are better paths in life, that not everything has to be negative," Farruko explains. "I understand that sometimes there are young people who have dreams and perhaps do not have the resources, education or the environment that lets them grow or develop their dreams, and [they] fall into bad habits. But do not give up. Move forward, be disciplined, have a lot of commitment and never lose faith."

Farruko: En Letra De Otro premieres Friday on HBO Latino at 8 p.m.