In an exclusive interview with People Chica, Dr. Heather Jeffcoat shares tips on how women can achieve more intense orgasms and greater self-pleasure.
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The world of masturbation continues to be an unknown territory, especially when it comes to women.

From the plethora of sex toys readily available in the market to myths about sexuality, it can be confusing to find joy in personal pleasure. However, masturbation is an important part of women's sexual health and once incorporated as part of a self-care routine, can bring great benefits to one's mental and physical well-being.

To demystify the world of guided masturbation, Dr. Heather Jeffcoat with plusOne, shared the benefits of self-pleasure with People Chica as well as her best tips and recommendations on how to increase sexual pleasure through masturbation.

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Some people may still feel like masturbating alone or in front of a partner is taboo. How do you find guided masturbation can help?

Sex of any kind, including masturbation, is unfortunately still a taboo topic. It can be a challenge for folks to learn their anatomy, where on their body to go to experience pleasure, and how to stimulate it for arousal and orgasm.

Once you know what works best for you, this will allow a starting point for communication with your partner on your preferences. You don't need to masturbate in front of your partner unless it is something you are both interested in. If you do, you should feel safe discussing and exploring your bodies individually as well as together.

How does guided masturbation work and who can benefit from it?

Guided masturbation provides a roadmap for self-exploration, which can also translate to better-partnered sex by knowing what works best for your body. If you don't know how to stimulate yourself, there is bound to be frustration with your partner if you are unable to provide direction. Every body is different. Do you prefer clitoral stimulation only? Do you require clitoral plus breast or nipple stimulation? Have you ever located your clitoris before?

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Do you prefer deep or lighter pressure over the clitoris? Do you prefer pressure near the clitoris, but directly over the glans (the portion of the clitoris that peeks out of the hood) is too much? Have you explored stimulation around the crura (or 'legs') of the clitoris? Being able to self-identify your preferences is empowering whether you continue to engage in solo play or with a partner.

What are some common misconceptions people have regarding self-pleasure and what are the best ways to move forward from them?

The most common question I get asked is if masturbating too much will ruin the sexual experience with a partner. It's actually quite the opposite. When you know what areas are most sensitive to stimulation and what technique(s) you prefer, being able to communicate that to your partner is very powerful.

I also get asked if using a vibrator will prevent being able to have an orgasm without one. While the experience of your arousal and orgasm may be different depending on whether it is manual or device-assisted, using a vibrator will not prevent you from being able to experience pleasure with your partner. For many, it actually improves the partnered experience, whether a device is used during sex or not.

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There is no universal way for a person to become aroused and experience orgasm. What works one day may not work as well another day. Self-pleasure is the perfect way to explore and find out how many different ways you can become aroused and orgasm. One way doesn't work, you can switch it up without thinking about it to another way you've discovered works for you.

What are your best tips for people who are trying to boost pleasure in their life?

Know your anatomy! The clitoris is so much more than what is peeking out from under the hood. It has legs that drape around the vagina and has [a] depth that extends along a portion of the anterior (or top) of the vaginal canal. All of these areas are sensitive to touch, and they don't all necessarily like the same type of speed or pressure applied to them.

Manual and device-assisted stimulation will often lead to different experiences with arousal and pleasure. Internal and external stimulation may also lead to different responses. What you prefer on one day may not be your preference on another and that's okay. There is no single best way to experience pleasure and orgasm, and exploring is part of the fun.

For externally applied stimulation I recommend the Fluttering Arouser by plusOne. For folks that prefer internal and external stimulation at the same time I recommend the Dual Vibrating Massager by plusOne.

In addition to the clitoris, there are many ways that folks can become aroused. Some prefer anal stimulation and can safely explore this through toys, but you should never use a device anally that is not meant to go there, as they can get stuck, requiring a visit to the emergency department.

Nipple stimulation is another commonly reported erogenous area and should be explored. You may find another areas, too, such as near your ear, your neck, your lower abdomen or other areas.