Cuban singer Camila Cabello stars as the beloved princess in Prime Video's new Cinderella movie and opens up about living her own fairytale.

Camila Cabello steps into the glass slippers in Prime Video's new Cinderella movie, out today. The Cuban singer, 24, opened up to People en Español about playing this beloved princess and breaking the stereotypes of the typical fairytale. "I love how modern this version of Cinderella is and how it focuses on empowerment. I think other fairytales have values that are more antiquated and don't reflect women accurately," she says. "In this Cinderella, she has dreams and ambitions, and she wants to save herself, not have a prince or anyone else save her."

Cabello seems headed for happily ever after and is enjoying life with boyfriend Shawn Mendes— but the "Don't Go Yet" singer doesn't need a fairy godmother or a prince to guide her. The singer has found the power of her own voice and recently shared a post filled with body positivity, putting haters in their place."Being at war with your body is so last season," she said in the viral video she posted on social media. "I am grateful for this body that lets me do what I need to do. We are real women with curves and cellulite and stretch marks and fat. And we gotta own that, baby!"

Here, the star talks openly about her family and Cuba, and shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes of the making of Cinderella.

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What was it about this adaptation and its message that made you decide to become the new Cinderella?

I love how modern this version of Cinderella is and how it focuses on empowerment. I think other fairytales have values that are more antiquated and don't reflect women accurately. In this Cinderella, she has dreams and ambitions, and she wants to save herself, not have a prince or anyone else save her. There's also no clear villain in the story, it's more focused on people working through their own emotional baggage and trauma.

This movie breaks all the stereotypes of the classic Cinderella story. In this film, an independent woman predominates, a young woman who has dreams and achieves them. What can you tell us about this story versus the one you may have known as a child?

I grew up as a huge princess fan. I love that this version is funny and empowered. I think it is so important we continue to show messages like this to younger audiences so they see the value in having all different types of dreams. 

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Camila Cabello en CINDERELLA
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What was it like to work with Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver and Pierce Brosnan? What would you highlight about them as people and professionals? What did you learn from them?

It was such an incredible and unique experience. They are such pros and they created such a safe and welcoming environment on set. I really got to learn from them and it became such a collaborative process. 

Why should everyone see this new Cinderella? Especially young girls...

This is such an empowering film and I love that message. I think more and more women are writing the narrative of what women can do. We are powerful, fearless, smart and can do anything. This film really shows that and it's just so fun to watch!

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Which was your favorite scene to shoot?

I loved the scene when I first meet my "Fab G" (Billy Porter). This scene is just so fun and also shows the importance of getting a little help and guidance sometimes.

What did you enjoy most about bringing this iconic character to life? Do you see yourself acting in the future, doing it along with creating music?

This was one of the most fun experiences of my life. I would definitely love to continue acting in the future. I actually did get to write a song for this film so the dual part of acting and singing was perfect for me. 

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Did filming take place during the pandemic? How did that work? How many more layers did it add to the production, as far as measures taken to protect you all during this time?

Part of filming did take place during the pandemic, but when I was on set we followed all the COVID protocols so as crazy as it was, everything felt very safe. 

Did you have any input on the music used? Any faves?

The soundtrack is really great in the film! I wrote an original song for the film, so that was awesome to be a part of. I also love the scene at the ball where a cover of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" is playing. This is the first time my character dances with the prince and the song is just so perfect in the scene.

You have always fought to break stereotypes. Tells why it's so important for you to use your life, your career, and your image to empower women, to fight for mental health and body positivity?

I think helping other women be strong, ambitious, and supportive of each other is so important. Helping each other realize our power, potential for joy, and celebrate each other taking control of our lives is so crucial. I love that I get to be part of empowering other women to fight for their mental health and body positivity, but also encourage all my fans to break through any stereotypes placed on them. 

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What advice do you give to all the girls who don't feel good in their own skin? To the young girls who look up to you and all you do?

I think it's so important to love yourself and feel good in your skin. Everyone is doing their best and we're all just human. It can be really challenging some days, but I think it's important to make the effort to feel good about yourself.

This past year and a half has been very difficult for everyone. Many lost loved ones, others are very sick. How did you and yours survive this time and how do you feel now? How did the pandemic change you?

I checked in with myself on my mental health a lot and I think prioritizing self-care is important. I like to meditate to calm myself and I think meditating can be great for everyone. I also think it's important to appreciate the little things and to really enjoy your time with family and friends.

What has been the most difficult thing that you have faced as a professional in your career, and a young woman? You must have to deal with a lot of pressure; how do you do it?

I started in the industry at a young age so it was a lot of pressure when I started and even still now. I think it's really important to check in with yourself on how you're feeling and listen to what your body is telling you.

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Cuba for you is….Where I was born and where my mom and her side of the family are from – it will always be a part of me.

Mexico for you is...Where my dad and his side of my family is from – it will also always be a part of me.

Miami/ the United States for you is...My home base – where I grew up and where I spend most of my time.

Your family for you isEverything! Family is the most important thing to me and has been my support system through all of this.

How do you see yourself in the next year, the next five years? Next up is my new album, Familia, but after that – you'll just have to follow along!

What's still missing, what's on your bucket list, your to-do list both in your life and career? I'm so grateful for all I've experienced so far. I've also learned to live more in the present so I'm really excited for everything that's still to come!

How is your heart? Are you happy? My heart is full and I'm so happy right now!