The Brazilian singer shared insights into her new single and music video with People Chica.

Brazilian pop icon Anitta is opening the doors for female desire to flow with the release of her new single, "Envolver."

The track joins the artist's extensive roster of hit songs like "Faking Love," "Me gusta," and "Girl From Rio."

In an exclusive interview with People Chica, she revealed the inspiration behind the track and her hopes of helping women embrace their sensuality.

Credit: Courtesy of Imagine It Media

"This song talks about sensuality, an energy shift with someone. We tried making something very similar to what I had done earlier in my career in Brazil, but in Spanish," she tells Chica. "I love making songs like this because I feel like it's empowering the freedom to be sensual, the freedom to express my sexuality without judgments. I feel very liberated when I do things like this."

The song weaves a story of female desire with provocative lyrics that blend perfectly with her unique voice, charisma, and urban sounds. The accompanying music video, directed by the singer herself —and produced by Harold Jimenez— also showcases her vision of sexual empowerment.

"The video is super sexy, super empowered, with me dancing alone while I rehearse, and then dancing with the guy in the clip," she says. "I did the whole thing myself, the whole idea. Whenever I do a song I always have the idea for the music video in my head. I found Harold and I told him everything I wanted for this video and we worked together in directing it. It came out just as I imagined."

Symbolic dualism rules the music video as it shows two sides of the singer: one that is shot in what seems like her "reality," the other delves into her thoughts about a man she desires. In one scene she is dancing alone and then transitions into a sexy dance with a lead dancer. Both worlds are separated by tonalities, hues and colors that help the viewer navigate the narrative.

The "Girl From Rio" vocalist hopes the new song will help women take control of their stories and relationships unapologetically.

"With this song, I really want women to feel like they can control the relationship, that they can command their relationships without waiting for men to command them," she adds. "That they feel sensual without shame."

Anitta will be performing at this year's Latin Grammy Awards on November 18th.